Bonechiller - Graham McNamee
somewhere under the rage, there's something human. barely.

sometimes you read a book that's engaging and creepy and well-written but it's just... missing something, you know? this book was definitely one of those books for me. the creature was creepy and the setting was chilling - no pun intended, but i felt like there was all of this wonderful build up and then it would just drop off into stupid shit for a few chapters, like a boxing match (which was clearly just a ploy to set up for some cutesy little thing where a motto was reused and it was supposed to be "full circle" but it was just "forced and awkward") or him getting a boner from riding on the back of a motorcycle with her for four fucking pages. parts of this book were a complete waste - like, literally basically 100-or-so pages of it could have been spared, because i don't really care about how much ash wants to say racist shit about white people or how the author wants to emphasize how native american (canadian? i dunno) she is (like super very hella billions just so you know) and how he wants to try to give you this feeling of OH WOW KILL THE WHITE DEVIL, THAT MEANS TWO THINGS!!! but honestly just.... jesus fucking christ. i don't know.

the more i talk about this book the more i want to knock its rating down but the honest fact of the matter is that outside of those tiny, enraging things, i actually found this to be incredibly enjoyable. even though it did tend to slack off/not actually go anywhere, the suspense it built up was pretty awesome, and i loved howie and pike, and their brotherhood. ash was okay: their relationship was written better than most pre-existing relationships, but overall, i felt like she kind of just existed for the sake of saying something cool in her native language that she could yell to the main character as he drove off into his imminent doom. you know, the cool guy's girlfriend type of character, only she was diverse and gave him the right to say things like "whitey" and talk about native american (canadian? i dunno) mythology without anyone questioning him.

the fact of the matter is that the best part of this book was its setting. the best character in this book was its beast. other than that, i kind of felt like it was... pointless. it was an enjoyable right but it was kinda like riding a kiddy train in a circle; it didn't actually go anywhere.