Born To Bleed: A Thriller

Born To Bleed: A Thriller - Ryan C. Thomas you know how there are some books/movies that get a sequel and you're just like why did this exist and also what the hell just happened? that's exactly how i feel about this book. i loved [b:The Summer I Died|891472|The Summer I Died|Ryan C. Thomas||876713] a hell of a lot and when i saw there was a sequel, i literally could not wait and i started reading it the very same day that i finished up the first book, but this one just... left something to be desired. maybe it's that roger changed so much between the first book and the second one (which makes perfect sense, and it would actually be more silly if he didn't,) and for most of this book, i found myself thinking fondly of the nerdy dude who thought about superheroes and comic books. he's grown into a hardened adult, the kind of man who's not open to sharing his thoughts and feelings with anyone, who internalizes everything and is, for all intents and purposes, more or less dead on the inside. i liked his character in this book, too.

the main reason that i didn't care much for this book was because it was significantly more action-based than the first one. it was closer to a blockbuster action story than any kind of horror/thriller that i've ever read. i will be the first to admit that i'm just not a big fan of action films. i don't like big explosions, entourages of body guards/henchmen, conveniently infinite gun fights, or intentionally/facetiously cheesy dialogue. this book was good enough: i liked parts of the mythology that was mentioned, and of course, the gruesome/gory scenes did not fail to deliver, because [a:Ryan C. Thomas|457864|Ryan C. Thomas|] is an incredibly talented author, when it comes down to it. this book just wasn't necessarily my personal cup of tea.

however, if you're an action movie fan and you enjoy high-paced fight scenes and books/scenes with little to no emotional development, then this is the book for you! it's well-written, and it's actually incredibly reminiscent of a sort of x-men/superhero academy sort of book, or at least the prequel to one.