Crab Town

Crab Town - Carlton Mellick III I've said it before, I think, but I'll say it again: Mellick makes the most unique dystopias that I've ever read. Even though they follow the same basic tropes, involving the rich vs the poor, the privileged vs the oppressed, every one has something about it that stands out. This book was no exception. There was something even more outstanding than usual about this one: the cover inspired the book, not the other way around. There's something special about knowing that this is a look into the author's inspiration and perception of things, his... state of mind, so to speak.

The characters in this book were lovable. The city it's set in was lively and gritty, with just a touch of realism that complemented the whole mutant crabs, radiation poisoning, evil government aspects beautifully. The creativity was astounding. This story was astounding. I want to read more and know more about every character in this book, every organization, every itty bitty detail of its world and how it wound up like this.

This may be my very favorite of Mellick's short stories so far.