The Revenge Playbook

The Revenge Playbook - Rachael  Allen
"if you had told me two months ago that the four of us wold be sitting together in this car, i never would have believed you."

i don't even know where to start with this book, so let me just say that i loved it. i loved every word, sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter completely and totally. admittedly, i rolled my eyes when certain things were introduced (like boys) but they didn't take away from the theme of the story at all - if anything, they added to it.

this was a lovely little slice of girl power, a tale of friendship, forgiveness, and acceptance in the most unlikely of situations. it made me feel all warm and bubbly. it made me laugh, it made me cry. i felt a definitive sense of loss when i closed this book - like i was saying goodbye to friends, like i wasn't really ready for it to end. that's the best way to feel when you read a book, if you ask me.

the girls in this book were all four strikingly different - i mean, sometimes i didn't even have to read the name at the start of each segment/pov switch because i could tell from their personalities alone who was who. they had different reasons for doing what they did, and they each perceived every single situation in their own unique way and told it in their own voice. every girl in this book had her own voice. there was a sense of unity, respect, and loyalty in this book, not only between the girls who were friends but the girls who were not: our mcs did not think badly of other girls; they did not "other" other girls at all, in fact.

this book touched on subjects that need to be touched on (the cyrus-swift phenomena, rape culture, how certain privileged boys get by with anything while most others can barely scrape past, especially girls) but it did it in a gentle, respectful, realistic way. i loved everything about this book, absolutely everything.