Filthy 1

Filthy 1 - Megan D. Martin the first book in my (probably gruelling) new adult expedition is, admittedly, a tiny little slice of a book. but it was a good one, I guess. I can't review this with much skill because I'm not quite sure what makes a new adult novel good. I skimmed all of the naughtier bits, in true childlike fashion, and I drank up all of the gritty realism that comes with prostitution and drug addiction.

I like the style here: simplistic and neat, but engaging enough to make me actually want to keep reading, even if I flinched every time the word "cunt" showed itself.

I didn't, however, care too much for the animosity Faye seems to have for Sarah, a seemingly harmless girl. I don't know if that's run of the mill for new adult - girls fighting over boys, calling one another bitches/sluts/whores, shaming one another for sexuality or a lack thereof, but I know it's not something I like. as silly as this probably sounds (considering that I'm talking about a nineteen year-old, drug addicted rape victim who's been prostituting herself since she was, like, sixteen,) I thought Faye was.. mean. Aggressive. Unpleasant. Irritatingly sassy. I'm all about the whole empowered, independent, girl power thing, and I'm sure all of this is going to boil down to daddy issues and a need to be loved (totally cutting the throat of that empowerment ordeal,) but holy shit. What a jerk.

I... I have nothing else to say. This story (calling it a book isn't fair) was okay.