Apeshit - Carlton Mellick III All of them are mutilated. They have had limbs severed and sewn back on. They have missing pieces of meat. They are deformed and mangled, like living road kill.

hands down, this is the most fucked up thing I've ever read in my entire life. admittedly, I'm kind of new to this whole world of bizarro fiction, but... everything that I found myself thinking, "that would be disgusting, it definitely won't happen!" happened. this book had a little bit of everything: rape, abortion, molestation, torture, gore, character death, vore, incest, sex. the only thing missing was drugs.

it disturbed me. it upset me. it's going to haunt me. and I loved it -- I love that. I love books that make my teeth itch and my skin crawl and leave me feeling like I'm not coming out quite the same as I went in. this book hit its mark perfectly: it was fucking disgusting. but other than that, actually, mellick's writing is also just very enjoyable to read? so it's earned its five stars and I'm looking forward to reading literally all of his books in the future.