Hello, I Love You

Hello, I Love You - Katie M. Stout There's a disgusting amount of people who have already decided that they don't like this book because it's about Korean culture but it's written by a white American woman. We need more diversity in the YA community, not less of it. Everyone always asks questions about why the majority of characters in YA books are white, but this is exactly why. Because the author is a white woman, everyone acts like she shouldn't be allowed to write about characters that aren't white. It's ridiculous. The fact of the matter is this: maybe she did her research. Maybe she knows about Korea. Maybe she knows what she's doing.

Maybe it will turn out to be ignorant and offensive (although I highly doubt it,) but all we have is a synopsis and the knowledge that the main character is a KPop idol, and there are a lot of people already preparing to have a book burning, and it's ridiculous. Developing an opinion on this book based simply off of the fact that some of the characters are Korean and the author is not is really, really gross. I'm embarrassed for all of you. Not to mention, Katie said that the person she visualized when she wrote the hero was Jung Yong Hwa, and if you compare the boy on the cover with him, well...


I'm pretty sure that's a remarkable resemblance. Just give it an actual chance.