Vacations from Hell

Vacations from Hell - Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson, Claudia Gray, Cassandra Clare maybe i'm just not supposed to read these 'from hell' anthologies - the last one i read didn't do very much for me either, even though i'll be the first to admit that this one was a marginal improvement. i could still call upon my first review for an accurate description of how i feel about this one:

"a lot of the stories in this book followed the same basic tone: an admittedly bland main character/antagonist lead the way into some more-than-slightly predictable plotlines."

basically, this book went almost exactly like that, except that the main characters in the majority of the stories were actually pretty okay; the fact that i know and love most of these authors definitely helps this book out.

this was pretty good. the way it went was incredibly predictable, but the execution of it was pretty interesting. i've got a little bit of a crush on sarah mlynowski, to be honest, so getting to read her writing was enough to make this worth the time.

i don't like your girlfriend
this one was alright! it was predictable, and i thought the antagonist was overplayed in a cartoonish, disney villain kind of way but otherwise, it was a decent enough read.

the law of suspects
this story is the absolute best one in the book. this is the reason this book got three stars instead of two. this was a good, hair-raising, creepy crawly feeling story with a well-executed mythology and characters that i actually kind of liked. the ending was... confusing, but it was still good. i would've loved a full-length version of this story.

the mirror house
i hate this story -- absolutely detested it. the idea behind it was pretty good, something i would've liked to read, but the execution was just... exhausting. there were some horrible inaccuracies (like kingdom hearts 2 as a multiplayer xbox game) and it was pretty damn boring, actually. cassandra clare's writing is pretty damn boring. i don't know why, it's just so cushy and fluffy and generic, it drives me insane. i don't care too much for it.

nowhere is safe
i absolutely love libba bray! she's one of my favorite authors. this story, however, i did not love. i thought it was convoluted, poorly written, and overall, just.... bad. it was boring, drawn out, and it felt a little nonsensical to me sometimes, not to mention that libba's habit of making her characters a little nonchalant/sarcastic/douchey does not pan out very well in a horror setting for me, personally. if they don't take it seriously, if they portray the situation as laughable, then i conceive it that way. i love libba - really and truly, but this was a disappointing note to end this book on.