Absolutely, Positively Not

Absolutely, Positively Not - David LaRochelle “i’m not gay because i took a dog to the dance. i took a dog to the dance because i’m gay.”

There's nothing more heart-warming than a good coming of age tale. With good friends, good parents, and above all else, a good head on his shoulders, Steven's story was one that I drank up much, much faster than I expected to. There was no shortage of laughter here, and surprisingly enough, I even shed a couple of tears. I found myself reading passages out loud to the people around me while I read - it was that good.

Well-meaning friends and family stepping on your toes, school dances, drivers licenses, and the struggles of being a teenager trying to find his footing add up to make our protagonist a realistic, lovable, human character that I feel like I know personally, now.

This book is amazing - absolutely, positively amazing.