Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done

Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done - Sarah Mlynowski when i started this book, i wasn't expecting to plow through it in a couple of hours but sometimes things just happen. the title alone was something that stuck with me once i heard it for the first time: i had to know what those ten things were, and i'm glad that i did! this book was absolutely adorable, and i thought that it handled a lot of teenage (albeit privileged ones) issues in a mature, responsible way. there were some sex mentions/implications here and there, along with something that a lot of people who read this book seemed to take as preachy but i, personally, took as realistic.

the message of this book wasn't that you shouldn't have sex as a teenager, slut shaming, or any of that, in my opinion at least. to me, the message was that sometimes you trust someone and you do everything right and stuff still blows up in your face, but it's okay because you have good friends, a loving family, and someone out there will still love you/want you no matter what. nobody can lower your self worth under any circumstances, as long as you stay strong and believe in yourself and don't let anyone tear you down.

that sounds cheesy as fuck but trust me, it reads a lot better than i can convey myself. the characters in this book are solid, enjoyable ones, the storyline of this book is adorable, and i loved all of the relationships that i got to watch bloom and blossom over the span of the storyline.

i would recommend this book to anyone who likes chicklit of any sort, as long as you don't take any kind of consequential/negative effects of a girl embracing her sexuality to be slut-shaming.