The Knife of Never Letting Go

The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness this book is absolutely perfect. it hurt in all the right ways. there's something about an author who understands that sometimes life sucks, sometimes nothing works out, sometimes you cannot catch a break no matter what, an author who doesn't hold back or censor himself or show any mercy whatsoever. the suffering in this book, the struggling in this book, the relationships, dialogue, characters, settings -- everything is seamless and flawless.

our mc isn't perfect. his love interest isn't perfect. they make mistakes, they do shitty things. it's beautiful.

the fact that i still (months later) feel a genuine sense of loss over certain deaths - some of which weren't even necessarily mentioned often, speaks volumes on its own. this book is beautiful, something that i truly believe anyone who enjoys books, regardless of their nature or niche would find something to love about.

admittedly, there is death, misogyny, rape mentions, murder, violence, blood, animal heeby jeebies, etc etc but life isn't all sunshine and fucking rainbows, you know? and patrick ness gets that.