Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins i couldn't possibly say enough good things about this book. this was easily the best chicklit book i have ever read in my entire life, hands down. anna was an adorable, well thought-out girl and entienne was the dreamiest little guy i've ever come across in a romance novel. the setting was warm and inviting, absolutely perfectly portrayed, and i fell in love with anna, st clair, and all of their friends before i even realized it was happening. i loved that no character was perfect. i loved that i understood exactly why anna and st clair fell in love with one another, and i even understood when. i loved that anna prioritized her friends over boys, even when it was hard, even when she shouldn't have, and i loved that anna became self aware, apologetic, and all around... amazing by the end of the book.

this book, as silly as the premise is and as much as it sounds like just another run of the mill chicklit book, changed my entire life. it's that good. five stars just isn't enough.