Wildefire - Karsten Knight there were a lot of elements about this book that i wish i could change. the characters handle violence in a very, very nonchalant way - even characters that aren't reincarnated gods or goddesses, perfectly normal humans that should be a little more concerned about what the hell goes on around them. i would change the demonization of a certain character that was cliche and sloppy. i would change the way that ash line was always either angry, cocky, horny, or a mix of the three; i appreciate an author who doesn't believe women always need to be soft and proper but holy shit, even a reincarnated goddess has to have a ceiling.

more than anything else, i would change the fact that ashline was referred to as ash literally nonstop. i would change the fact that the author uses a characters name about a hundred times per page, no matter whether they're alone or not. if it's difficult to handle writing in third person because you forget who you're talking about, or you're afraid that your reader will, please look into switching to first person pov, for the sake of your readers' nerves.

however, the diversity alone is enough to make this book commendable, along with the obvious amount of research that went into writing these lovely reincarnations. the characters were endearing - all of them, some even more than the mc, and all of their god/goddess counterparts showed through in their personalities beautifully. the story arc was engaging, and i ate this story up like a delicious chocolate cake - with some bland, slightly chalky icing, but still: a goddamn chocolate cake.