Bad Taste in Boys

Bad Taste in Boys - Carrie Harris first things first, I'm just an cranky, old-at-heart adult, so don't take my opinion on this book too seriously. it was actually pretty cute, honestly, but that's not exactly what you expect from a zombie book with "horror" and "urban fantasy" as its main genres. the best way to describe this book is... simple. it's light, airy, with lots of quirky little puns and popculture references and witty one-liners, but minimal inclusion of actual zombies. they were a danced around topic with only a couple of gory paragraphs and a few pages throughout the book detailing their existence. the romance was dry and pre-existing, along with being somewhat contrived, but I wasn't really in this for romance so that was okay. it wasn't an annoying or disruptive romance, it was just a typical, high school one which is exactly what you should expect to get when you read high school books.

the main character wasn't awful. I actually sort of liked her, but there wasn't too much that made her stand out amongst her peers, and she would probably drive me insane irl because I can't deal with overly shy, borderline obnoxious girls that use their awkwardness as an excuse to be annoying. still, though. I was pretty fond of her. I thought her friends were pretty great too. it's too bad her boyfriend was actually pretty boring.

the plot was actually somewhat unique, as far as zombie books go, so it's got that going for it. overall, this was good. but it felt more like a comedy than a horror, perhaps even a parody? still. pretty good.