Suspicion - Alexandra Monir i'm not 100% sure how to review this one. i want to say nice things because the writing itself was actually alright: maybe a bit too flowery at times, but it wasn't bad. however, all of the parts of this book that i didn't like were glaringly obvious and i just can't ignore them in favor of trying to be nice. (i was going to say that this was a debut novel, but uh, i guess it's not so that's a little disheartening.)

anyway, to the point: the main issue that i took with this book is that it's boring. it's dreadfully, mind-numbingly boring and it just drags and drags and drags with lots of flowery prose that very rarely actually means anything. imogen was boring. sebastian was boring. the only interesting characters in this book were lucia and beatrice, neither of which were the main focus or even slightly close to it.

imogen was an obsessed weirdo that more or less stalked sebastian for no reason at all, and showed no true regard or remorse over her cousin lucia, because even when she mentioned her, she was so quick to go right back to swooning over her ex-boyfriend. the rebecca references were subtle and small, completely disconnected. they were almost not there at all - and yet, undeniably, parts of this actually felt like it was more or less copied and pasted, so that was a weird conundrum. there was little-to-no personality in this book, no real need for at least 70% of it, and the dialogue was absolutely horrible. was this set in the 1900s or 2014? the iphone and the whole dialogue/setting that the author did her very best to harbor (although i hate to say, she failed) did not go together at all.

overall this "plot" was predictable and boring, contrived and convenient. so i kinda wish i could have back the time i put into reading this book.