Zombies and Shit

Zombies and Shit - Carlton Mellick III With a solar-powered car, a solar-powered shotgun, and the cure for the zombie virus, Scavy and Mr. T drive off, into the setting sun, toward a brighter tomorrow.

have you ever read a book so much that you were actually sad when it ended? have you ever been absolutely fucking astounded by the fact that one of the first books you've felt that for in months was a fucking bizarro book with the least eloquent title of all time? both of those things happened to me with this book.

I think I'm going to make a habit of declaring every Mellick book I read as the best book I've ever read - he's genuinely talented in a way that expands way beyond this genre, in an honest to god literary way that makes me envious as fuck. after all, you can't more or less frontier a genre without a lot of talent, right?

but anyway, I digress; zombies and shit actually blew my mind from page one. I was reeled in by the zombies - I'm a big, big fan - and the fact that I'm kind of circlejerking about Mellick lately, but it turned out to satisfy me in a lot of other ways. I got my fix of zombie gore, obviously, but there was a whole lot fucking more lurking between the covers of this goddamn masterpiece.

let's start with backstory. fucking backstory. every single character had a beautifully crafted, well thought out backstory, even insignificant motherfuckers or people that I hated. that's something that's rare even in "normal" books. and then world building - dear lord, the world that Mellick strung together holds it own against even the most popular of dystopias, the most overhyped of books. everything had a reason, a good one and,perhaps most importantly for the zombie genre: a unique one. I can't say enough about how fucking perfect this book was.

if you're not squeamish (although admittedly, this isn't even that gross; there's some mild scat and some semi-graphic zombie/human sex, but it's nowhere near as bad as apeshit, in my opinion,) this is something that you not only should read, it's something that you damn near have to.

if I ever rule the world, this shit will be fucking required reading. five stars does not feel like enough.