How My Summer Went Up in Flames

How My Summer Went Up in Flames - Jennifer Salvato Doktorski 4.5 stars. i thought, at one point, that this book was just okay but i'm reflecting on it and i'm basically head over heels in love with it. it was a nice quick, refreshing burst of a read for me. i wasn't crazy about the romance, or the little love triangle that very nearly became a love square, and i actually thought the way joey acted was a little too much to be realistic - he went a little disney villain, actually, and it was awkward. but i hated him so that's alright.

i'm also not the biggest fan of the magical "EVERYTHING IS OK AND AWESOME HECK YEAH" type of ending, even though i know a happy ending is the name of the game in the chicklit realm, so i was kind of happy that this book didn't work out that way. yes, she got to spend her "community service" with her friend, but... she was still doing community service. everything wasn't just absolved and okay.

i wasn't crazy about the amount of slut shaming, or the idiotic "i don't bond well with other girls" type of characterization, but other than that, this was a really good book. i loved the friendship the two girls formed, the realism with which the breaching from "best friends" to more than that was handled with, and how she actually had her priorities straight, which is much more than most chicklit books can boast about.

i did, however, appreciate the obvious research that was put into writing this road trip, and a busch gardens williamsburg reference lit my morning up like a roman candle. it made me feel like i really had gone somewhere even though i hadn't so much as set foot out of my bed.