Smart Girls Get What They Want

Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer 2.5 stars.

since 'how zoe made her dreams (mostly) come true' was one of my favorite chicklit books, i had really high expectations for this book! man, i wish i hadn't. almost all of the girls in this book we're insufferable for various reasons: one was a controlling, mean, irritating girl, and there was plenty of unnecessary tension amongst the girls. the mc was boring, in my opinion, since all she thought about was how she was way too smart for basically any guy ever and that's why none of them liked her. yes, of course, it's that you're smart. not that you're insufferable, haughty, snobby, and full of yourself. definitely that you're smart.

and our love interest (the good one, not the totally stereotypical and expected "bad guy" that our wilting flower of an mc needed saving from) was a boring cliche. a bonehead who's secretly not a bonehead? who conveniently likes everything you do? and is hot as shit? and also single? and wants to date you, no matter how shitty you are?! color me shocked!

this was a boring, disappointing book. the writing was good though - as is expected from sarah, at this point!