Melanie Nemesis Catchpole

Melanie Nemesis Catchpole - Wol-vriey honestly, if you're into weird sexual acts, incestuous orgies, thick girls, and some surprisingly unique mutations, then this book is for you. personally, i'm a little bit squeamish about explicit sex scenes that are written in a way that's what most people would consider "hot", meaning that i usually only really appreciate sex in books in a weird abstract, bizarre kind of way that makes it not even register as being sex, but i did like the mutations part, and the premise of this book in general.

the chamelon sisters were cool as fuck, and i loved the relationship between them, even if i caught myself skimming through certain paragraphs or covering my face or something because some of the things they say and do are gross. their powers were awesome - and unique, at least as far as i know, which definitely means something to me when it comes to bizarro books.

this book is well-written overall: melanie isn't a waify type of girl, the concept is deliciously weird, and i appreciated the originality of the whole thing. i'd definitely recommend it.