The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now - Tim Tharp
“you're nothing but a product. and what's this product called? emptiness, dude, that's what it's called. and for the rest of your life, they sell you over and over, right to the end when they package you one last time and plant you in the ground.”

usually when a book is popular, i don't expect very much from it because i'm a very grumpy, contrary person but this is one of those books that i actually understand why it's so popular. if anything, i don't understand why it's not more popular. i'm not sure how to talk about this without spoiling things, but i will say that i think everyone should at least try to read this book. it has a lot of drinking and partying and sex, and i suppose there's some glorification of those things, but this is a powerful book, and it speaks honest to god volumes about how scary and shitty and amazing growing up is, and how it feels to not be good enough for the people you love the most, and how it feels to lose your friends and just... growing up. this book is a flawless example of growing up. that's all there is to say.