Kindness for Weakness

Kindness for Weakness - Shawn Goodman dnf @ 48%

i wanted to like this book a lot, i really, really did but for some reason, i was just bored as hell. maybe it's because i've been reading too many adult books for the mindset of a fifteen year-old boy with no life experience whatsoever to do much more than irritate/bore me, but everything this main character said or did felt whiny to me, personally. the whole point of this book, however, is that he's decidedly "not a man" and he's trying to, in a [b:The Sea Wolf|43049|The Sea Wolf|Jack London||2062963] fashion, "become a man," so the way he starts out sniveling, naive, and overall incompetent actually may have turned out to be rewarding in time.

... if i had just been able to force myself to finish it, but i was not. in fact, i probably would have stopped way sooner than 48%, if i hadn't been reading with lacey.