Criminal - Terra Elan McVoy when i started this book, i was thinking that i was looking for something quick and easy to read before i fell asleep, but i actually wound up really loving this book. i loved the diversity and the unique quality that every single character brought to the story, how they were all dynamic and popping off of the pages without needing a lot of backstory or details to make them real. as frustrating as it was, i also loved how endlessly obsessed she was with dee - it wasn't even love, really, it was desperation, infatuation, and obsession swirled into a deadly molotov cocktail that was so, so, so interesting to watch blow up. somehow, there was something relatable in her relentlessness, in how she couldn't give up on him even though she knew it was for the best, how she chose him over all of her friends even though it was incredibly obvious that she shouldn't have. i loved the main character with all of her flaws, physical, mental, and emotional.

this book was as quick and easy as i expected it to be, but it was surprisingly really good too. the only problem that i had with it was that i wanted a hell of a lot more. like, i would read an entire five book series about this girl and her entanglements.