Filthy 2

Filthy 2 - Megan D. Martin i was kinda sorta interested in this because the first one was okay enough and i think the sex worker industry is an interesting playing field for weird books but i wound up having to dnf @ 38%. there's no quote for this review, but uhhhh... trust me, you're not missing much.

by biblical standards, this book every bad cliché i can think of off the top of my head. the main character is mean, cold, narcissistic, shallow — all of which i actually expected, considering the summary and the fact that broken, rude girls tend to be the norm in the new adult genre, but there was something about this girl that was particularly grating. i think, quite possibly, it's because she has issues with taking responsibility for things; nothing is her fault: the blame for quite literally everything falls on her mother, her step father, or (strangely enough) her step brother's girlfriend (with no actual involvement with her past at all? so it was ridiculous.) the amount of unnecessary bitterness inside of her was just kind of gross.

she very well may have developed past all of these personality traits and a complete and total lack of responsibility for her actions. she will not, however, develop past being an awful, hateful girl whose stepbrother only has interest in her now because of her body. rhett objectifies her as much as the men who pay for her, and he's significantly more abusive, and because of that, this isn't even a romance, dark or otherwise.

back to faye for just one moment, i want to say a few more things. she's conniving, she's devious, she's prideful, she's absolutely disgusting. i can actually love all of these things in a character, even if there's a complete lack of redeeming qualities, but something about the way she was written and acted was just relentlessly horrible. these personality traits had absolutely nothing to do with her career; it was all her - from the inside, truly, and i hated it, i hated her.

on one hand, i would like to say the author deserves some praise for straying from the hooker with a heart of gold cliché, but she kind of counteracts it by sticking to all the other ones and being incredibly misogynistic in the process.

the writing style that i thought was okay yesterday is still okay today. it's just simple and basic — in fact, minus the subject matter, it reads just like a work of juvenile fiction.