Perfected - Kate Jarvik Birch this book and I have an odd sort of relationship with one another. I actually didn't mind the literal objectification of women - the way it was handled was good to me, nice and direct with how it was wrong to treat human beings as if you could own them simply because of your privilege.

however, I did have a problem with the way that very nearly everyone she met who wasn't penn or a woman was attracted to her in some capacity, trying to take advantage of her because they were in a position of power and she was not. I didn't care much for the implication that all rich, powerful men are standing around like wolves waiting for naive girls to feast upon. realistically, some of them probably are but what are the odds that all of them would be that way?

what really pulled this book up from 3 stars to 5
for me was the ending. when the scheme hatched, I was immediately put off and I spent the last 20% of the book hoping that it wouldn't be a book with a good build up and a sudden plummet. little did I know that I was very, very wrong. the ending to this book was a pleasant twist, a little heart-wrenching dose of bittersweet reality, and I was really appreciative of the acknowledgment that Ella was very far from being her own person.

This book is good -- but it's not for the light of heart, those who are easily offended by things that could be read as anti feminist (although I believe the intentions were quite the opposite.)