The Night We Said Yes

The Night We Said Yes - Lauren Gibaldi "how about... a night of saying yes." he says it as a statement, with a period, not as a question. there's no room for debate. i nod, knowing exactly what he means.

have you ever loved a book so much that when it was over, you were actually sad, like your friends left for college? do you ever pop out of a fictional world with a sense of displacement, like you just left somewhere that you wanted to go back to? that's how i felt with the night we said yes. this book was a pleasant surprise, an unexpectedly deep, complex display of friendship, romance, hatred, forgiveness, guilt, humiliation, and above all else: growth. this coins itself as a romance, i know - and there's quite a bit of it, but character development is the star of this story. i can't wait to tell everyone all about them and how much this book made me cry actual tears.

there will be a full review closer to the release date!