My Soon-To-Be Sex Life

My Soon-To-Be Sex Life - Judith Tewes dnf at 23%.

this book was incredibly disappointing for me. i was drawn in my the plot and the cutesy color scheme on the cover, but i didn't realize that the main character was going to be such an intolerant, insufferable, bratty control freak. i tried to give her the benefit of the doubt - since she is a teenager, after all, but nearly everything she does comes across as hateful, selfish, ungrateful, or all three.

the way she refers to her best friend as "roach" and thinks of her in a way that's demeaning without being affectionate or endearing makes me sick. the way she treats her mother makes me sick. the way she handles religion - with mocking cruelty instead of any sort of tolerance or consideration, with calloused defensiveness toward "conversion" or "preaching" where there isn't any (someone mentioning their beliefs isn't them trying to convert you, i promise) is disgusting. the way she's dead set against falling in love and is just so... childish is disgusting. i know, i know, she's a teenager! she should be childish! but the thing is... nope. she's childish in a way that transcends adolescence.

i'm sad to dnf this because writing itself is alright, although the tone of it is unbearable because of our lovely mc. still though, goodbye forever 'my soon to be sex life'; it's too bad it didn't work out.