Embers and Echoes

Embers and Echoes - Karsten Knight it took me a long time to decide to do this (literally since october of 2014) because i really enjoyed the first one's diverse casting and the storyline itself seems really good, plus karsten knight is just a flat out likable guy. unfortunately, this book was just boring to me, for some reason. now it's entirely possible that i just didn't give it enough of a chance but i just couldn't bring myself to trudge through another second of it. the writing was, just like it was in the first book, a little bit on the dry side, emotionless, more informative than reactive or personal. i understand that it's a third person book but i've read enough to know that there are plenty of ways to put in some emotion without being in first person. on top of that, karsten has this incredibly grating habit of mentioning ashline/ash's name like eight times in one paragraph, even in the same sentence or when she's alone and it's flat out unnecessary -- flat. out. unnecessary. he's such a cool dude and he clearly has potential but i wish i felt more heart/passion from this book and its characters.

in a more critical light, i also don't like how ashline is always boasting about being independent and strong and whatever on her own, yet every time she meets a new dude she's like oh fuck yeah i'm gonna date the shit out of you because it's incredibly contradictory. why does she constantly need a man in her life if all she's ever gonna think about is how badly she doesn't need one? have mercy, please.

maybe i'll give this book another shot someday, but not in the near enough future for me to leave it on my hiatused shelf.