How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True

How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True - Sarah Strohmeyer full disclosure: i did not expect to like this book as much as i did, but this is somehow one of my very favorite chicklit books of all time.

zoe starts off on the irritating side, in my opinion, a bit shallow and slightly spoiled in spite of what i would expect, but the development in this book is beautiful and natural. it's something that you're not even consciously aware of until you find yourself thinking "wow she never would have done that in the beginning!" which is exactly the way i like my character development: realistic. people don't just change in a poof of pixie dust!

her best friend grated my nerves just slightly (with her boy skills, or lack thereof) but i truly enjoyed all of the characters, even the stereotypical rival/nemesis duo because they were very realistic. it provided all of the experience of working in a theme park: it's hard, it's overwhelming, and it's nowhere near as fun as just going to one. not even slightly.

i thought the ending was a bit cheesy and contrived, but even as i was rolling my eyes, i couldn't help but smile and feel a little giddy about it. this was exactly the kind of pick-me-up i needed, a nice dose of a happily ever after that someone actually had to work for. it was amazing, and perfect for its genre. if the ending had been a little less cheesy, i would think it was perfect overall, but the whole point of certain chick lit books is that everything works out in the end, and sometimes there's nothing wrong with that!